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Yule Trees and Lights

Pagan Advent Calendar

Pagan Advent Calendar
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Counting down the days to Yule
I created this community because I enjoy advent calendars and, being pagan, have some trouble finding ones that fit in with my beliefs. Some entries will be long, some short, some will be made up entirely of other people's work, some entirely of my own, some...a mish-mash of both. Everything will be pretty family friendly.

I'll be posting daily until Yule.

PS: If you would like to post something wonderful in the vein of that day's "theme" by all means, go right ahead. ♥

PPS: Last year got side-tracked because I lost internet access. This year I not only have internet access I also have no job. I've also already pre-made the posts so all I have to do is upload them. :D