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First Day of Advent.

I just liked this video. It was a nice little Intro to Solstice.

Hello again to all. Let's see if I can make it all the way to Yule this year!



I want to apologize to everyone who was following this and to the one lovely lady who actually recommended people to come here to watch. I lost my job in October of 09 and was evicted from my apartment in early December of 09. I have been...not homeless but living off of other's charity since then. I just recently managed to find a new job and am in the process of getting back on my feet.

I know the year before I lost internet access due to money being tight so...maybe this year I'll finally be able to get through the whole of advent without any problems!

Thanks to everyone who's watched and again my apologies.

Seventh Day of Advent

Sixth Day of Advent.


Quick question...

Would anyone like me to send them a Yule Card? E-mail me at starofinanna @ yahoo.com. :D


Fifth Day of Advent


Fourth Day of Advent

Third Day of Advent


Second Day of Advent.